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July 14, 2019

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Gran Fondo Hincapie-Boise’s routes are some of the most adventurous in the Gran Fondo Hincapie series. Gravel, mountain, and riverside sections give each rider plenty of varying terrain to keep things interesting.

The Medio and Gran routes both feature dirt road sections—the Medio for about five miles, and the Gran for approximately 20 miles, including a dirt KOM up Jackass Gulch. If you’ve never ridden on gravel before, no fear. Most cyclists find a nice comfort level after just a few minutes of riding on this surface. Our route planners have partnered with local riders to identify the safest and most scenic dirt roads. All of these roads are in fantastic shape and have a predominantly flat elevation profile.


The ultimate route for Gran Fondo Hincapie-Boise, the Gran features mountain climbs, beautiful river views, and a gravel KOM. Beginning at the Idaho State Capital Building, the route opens with a seven-mile ride through the city. That’s when the landscape begins to change dramatically. At Mile 7, you’ll encounter your first ascent of the day with a 2.3-mile climb of Seamans Gulch. The gulch has an average grade of 4.8%, a perfect warmup for what’s ahead.

Following a fast downhill on Dry Creek and Beacon Light Roads, the path begins to gain elevation as it stretches toward the route’s first dirt road section. Get comfortable on the dirt road quickly because it won’t remain flat long. For the day’s first timed KOM, the route will turn onto Jackass Gulch Road for a 1.3-mile ascent that will reward riders who can generate power while riding in the saddle.

Once you’ve summited Jackass Gulch, the road ventures downhill and returns to pavement for a steep descent on Old Freeze Out Road. The next two miles treat riders to unobstructed views of the mountains and the small town of Emmett. But even with the scenery, riders will need to keep their eyes on the road with several sharp curves on the descent. The route will take cyclists along the outskirts of Emmett on dirt and paved roads, leading to the Emmett Rest Area. With rising temperatures, this is a great spot to refuel and rehydrate. The route’s next section includes 12 miles of dirt road and a 5.5-mile climb before encountering the next rest area.

From the rest area, you’ll turn onto the longest stretch of gravel road on the Gran. With 360-degree mountain views and Payette River flowing parallel to the course, this is perhaps the most scenic stretch of the ride. The road will take you to Horseshoe Bend and offer a brief opportunity to take your breath before tackling the second KOM on Old Highway 55. For even the most experienced climbers and adrenaline junkies, the next 5.5 miles is a true test of endurance. The road will climb more than 1,600 feet before reaching a peak elevation of 4,269 feet. The good news is that your second rest stop is waiting at the top.

From the pinnacle, the road gives way to a quick 8.5-mile descent to Dry Creek Road. However, it’s only a brief reprieve as you’ll approach the final KOM. At a mere 1.9 miles in length, Cartwright Hill may not seem daunting. But after a day of climbing and gravel riding, it won’t be an easy pedal over the hill. The only joy you’ll find is that the final 3.5 miles will provide a smooth—and thankfully downhill—ride to the finish line.

Gran Details

80 Miles
6,007 feet

Registration Includes

Event jersey, timing chip, SAG support, fully-stocked rest stops, participant medal, participant photos, and free food and beverage at the Expo

Jackass Gulch KOM at Gran Fondo Hincapie-Boise
Old Highway 55 KOM at Gran Fondo Hincapie-Boise
Summit Ridge KOM at Gran Fondo Hincapie-Boise

The 50-mile Medio route offers picturesque views along the river, along with gravel roads and three climbs to get your heart pumping. Taking off from the Idaho State Capital Building, the route flies through Boise’s city streets for seven miles. That leads to the first climb of the day, a 2.3-mile ascent of Seamans Gulch with an average grade of 4.8%.

Once you’ve reached the peak of Seamans Gulch, the route transitions to a fast descent on Dry Creek and Beacon Light Roads, leading to the first patch of gravel road. At Mile 23.8, you’ll turn on Chaparral Road and continue downhill on this dirt section with fantastic views of the grasslands that surround Boise.

Between Mile 30 and Mile 46, you’ll be able to increase your speed and pick up some time before reaching Dry Creek Road’s rolling hills. From there, you’ll reach a timed KOM at Cartwright Hill, a short but steep 1.9-mile climb. The ascent leads to the route’s highest elevation at 3,416 feet.

Once you’ve reached the top of Cartwright Hill, enjoy a fast descent over 3.5 miles to the finish line.

Medio Details

50 Miles
2,967 feet

Registration Includes

event jersey, timing chip, SAG support, fully-stocked rest stops, free food & beverage at the Expo

Summit Ridge KOM at Gran Fondo Hincapie-Boise

The Piccolo follows an easy route through Boise’s urban landscape. Beginning below the steps of the Idaho State Capital Building, cyclists will pedal down a route that is mostly flat or downhill for six miles. At Mile 6, you’ll turn on Pierce Park Road and begin a 3.3-mile climb to the highest point on the course at 3,416 feet. From there, you’ll find incredible views of the plains below. The final 3.5 miles feature a fast downhill run to the finish line.

Piccolo Details

15 Miles
1,041 feet

Registration Includes

timing chip, SAG support, fully-stocked rest stops, free food & beverage at the Expo

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Our Tips for Riding
Boise's Gravel Roads

  • We have ridden the entirety of the course on standard road bikes (25c tires, no disc brakes) with no issues. If your bicycle can accommodate 28c tires or larger, that will help with traction, stability, and help dampen the extra vibration.
  • Find a section of dirt road to practice on prior to riding with us in July. This will help you learn how your bike reacts differently when on a dirt road surface.
  • Give your fellow riders a little more space while on dirt road sections. This will allow you to adjust your line with the changing lines of riders around you. Think of it as driving your car in the rain; everyone needs just a little more space.
  • Carry a flat kit in the event you puncture. We will have neutral service out on course, but self-support is often the fastest way to get back on your bike and back to having fun.

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