Gran Fondo Hincapie
Series App

The Perfect Riding Companion

The Gran Fondo Hincapie Series mobile app was designed to enhance the race day experience for cyclists—and their friends and family waiting at the finish line. It features live tracking for all participants, social media integration, interactive course maps, schedule information and more. The only thing it can’t do is pick up your food and drink after the ride.

The app is also a hub for all of our gran fondo rides across the United States. Download it once, and you’re ready to take a selfie for every ride that you join us on.

App Features

Cyclist in Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville

Live Tracking

Track the progress of cyclists as they ride toward the finish line. We follow cyclists by tracking their bib chips as they hit timing mats across the course, and estimate when they'll likely make their way down the red carpet. For more accurate tracking, participants can submit their bib number into the live tracking section of the app to activate GPS tracking. GPS tracking is dependent on the device's signal.

Gran Fondo Hincapie course map

Course Maps

Perform course recon without your bike or car. Our course maps highlight KOM climbs, rest stops and other points of interest along your route. Riders can view the Gran, Medio or Piccolo maps by selecting their chosen ride.

Share Your Selfie

Smile and say cheese. From our app, you can take your selfie with one of the frames we've created for your event. Snap your best angle and then share your image on social media.

Map of Chattanooga

Event & Parking Maps

Get quick access to our parking and event map when you're trying to decide whether to take that left or right. The app includes a quick link to Google Maps so that you don't have to find the location of our event.