Limited Edition Vespers

As the end of the year nears, days get shorter, and nights get longer.

We race against time to get a ride in before dusk.

Nightfall soon follows, and if we didn’t get a daytime ride in, we ride inside.

Midnight rolls around. Our bodies recharge, and we anticipate a new day.

This is a reminder of our determination, despite the dark, winter nights to come.

This is The Vespers Limited Edition Collection.

Let’s welcome the evening. Let’s welcome the night.


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The Nightfall Limited Edition Kit captures the last visible greens and blues before the sky turns dark. Welcome the night in the Nightfall Kit.


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The Dusk Limited Edition Kit is inspired by those beautiful, pink sunsets right before dusk that are hard to capture on camera. Forget the camera. Welcome the evening in the Dusk Kit.


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The Midnight Limited Edition Kit represents a dark, starry night with a hint of blue for when the moon shines through. Welcome the night in the Midnight Kit.