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No matter if you’re a cycling newbie or a regular weekend warrior, you’ll find your community in the Hincapie Cycling Society. Our society is your one-stop-shop for all things cycling; connect with other cyclists, join a challenge, and sign up for a ride in your area. Welcome to the #hincapiefamily!


Become a member of our international community and receive exclusive benefits.

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Find a community of local riders and meet up for a ride.


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As a Hincapie Cycling Society member, you’ll have access to a variety of Hincapie Cycling Society accessories that complement your HCS kit. Because these accessories are only available to Hincapie Cycling Society members, they are already discounted 30% off the sticker price. Each piece is made-to-order, so please allow six weeks for your pieces to be printed, cut, sewn, and shipped to your doorstep. Already a member? Login to Hincapie.com to get access to these items.

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