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The Importance of a Bike Fit

Whether your weekly rides total three hours or 30, if your bike doesn’t fit you properly, you could be in for a world of pain.

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Hincapie Partners with Blackberry Farm


Blackberry Farm and Hincapie form partnership in support of Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville and the Blackberry Farm Pro-Am Classic.

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How to Change a Bike Tire

Gear Tips

Follow these quick steps to easily change your bike tire and get back on the road. We'll show you what parts you need if you're on the go.

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The Importance of Sleep and Recovery for a Cyclist

Training Intel

Our Holowesko|Citadel racing team physician shares his tips and advice on the best way to recover after an intense day in the saddle.

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Member Portraits

Stories from the riders who inspire us.
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From Couch to Ironman

“When I finished that triathlon, I knew in my heart that this wasn’t temporary.”

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