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The Ultimate Guide to Ventum Bikes

We interviewed one of Ventum’s pro cyclists for insights into the company's inspiring journey and also asked George Hincapie about his experience riding Ventum bikes. In this guide, we’ll share their insights and what makes Ventum a true innovator in the cycling industry.

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George Hincapie on a Ventum road bike

25 Essential Road Bike Accessories

Gear Tips, Training Intel

Equipping yourself with the essential road bike accessories is the first step to ensuring a comfortable and safe riding experience. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, we’ll provide you with 25 must-have road cycling accessories to help you gear up for your next ride.

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How to Plan a Cycling Route in Google Maps & Strava

Gear Tips, Training Intel

Strava is one popular, feature-packed cycling route planner that will help you map the best route. You can also take advantage of Google Maps for free and easy route planning. We’ll show you how to use both tools to create the perfect route wherever you go. 

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two riders talking while cycling

Cycling Terms A-Z: The Complete Guide to Cycling Lingo

Lifestyle, Training Intel

Cycling has a unique language and terminology that can be confusing for new cyclists. So we’ve created a list of cycling terms from A–Z to help clear things up.

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Stories from the riders who inspire us.
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Hincapie Ambassador Fede Lopez

From Couch to Ironman

“When I finished that triathlon, I knew in my heart that this wasn’t temporary.”

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