Customize your Cycling Jacket

Posted On November 26, 2019 / Gear Tips

Custom Cycling Clothing Element Collection

With winter on the way, you may be headed for your trainer. But if you still want to brave the cold with your team, you don’t need to cover your kit with an off-the-shelf jacket. Instead, create a custom jacket that will keep you warm and dry while still repping your team.

We offer four different types of fully customizable jackets. The jackets below are listed in order of water-resistance, from least to most.


Your Emergency Go-To:
Element Lightweight Wind Shell

Our lightest jacket, the Element Lightweight Wind Shell is easily packable in the back pocket of your jersey—perfect for those days when you need a quick outer layer.
Element Windtex Jacket

Designed for cold and wet days in the saddle, the Element Windtex Jacket is perfect for climbing elevation or throwing on for a weekend ride.
Warmer and Water-Resistant:
Element Polar Jacket

Brave the cold in our warmest cycling jacket. The Element Polar Jacket is constructed to keep you warm and dry on your chilliest rides.
The Ultimate:
Element eVent Jacket

Embrace a ride in the rain. The Element eVent Jacket is the ideal outer layer when you need a warm, breathable jacket that wicks away the pouring rain. The thermal fabric has the same eVent technology as their widely known lighter weight counterparts, keeping you dry even in the toughest conditions.

Learn more about the Element Collection.

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