Customize Your Tights and Knickers

Posted On February 06, 2020 / Gear Tips

Ride outside, even in the coldest weather.

Not into the trainer? We don’t blame you. That’s why we created insulated bib tights and knickers to keep you warm throughout the coldest winter days. These pieces are fully customizable, meaning we can sublimate your colors and logos so that the tights and knickers fit right in with the rest of your team and club gear.

Element Bib Tights

These custom bib tights are constructed with BodE Thermal Loft and BodE Thermal Heat insulated and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you warm and dry. We’ve recently made some updates to these tights, adding more insulating to your upper body so that even the bib straps are thermal.

Element Bib Knickers

These customizable bib knickers utilize the same fabric and technology as our Element bib tights, but the leggings reach mid-calf instead of the ankle for increased breathability. Just like the bib tights, the straps on the bib knickers are thermal as well, adding an extra layer of warmth. We’ve also updated the gel grippers so that these knickers stay in place, preventing any chafing.

Customize For Your Club or Team

Our customizable bib tights and bib knickers allow you to continue repping your team while still staying warm during the winter. And don’t worry about selling the entire team on chipping in–we can set up a team store to allow every member to order individually.

For any questions about collections, the custom ordering process, or anything else, visit our website or give us a call at (865) 351-2199.

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