…Or don’t—I’m Riding Anyway.

Posted On April 04, 2017 / Gear Tips

By: Lindsay Niedringhaus


Tips for keeping dry when the clouds are hovering

Nobody enjoys riding in the rain. But then again, nobody enjoys spending days on end on an indoor trainer, either. So when you’re feeling cabin fever and need some fresh air, don’t be afraid to suit up and get out there. Here a few tips to help keep you dry:


Wear a cycling cap to help keep the rain out of your face.

Consider waterproof shoe covers. Wet socks and shoes are the worst … right up there with running out of water or not using enough chamois cream.

And pack your phone or other valuables in plastic sandwich-style bags.


Choose a lightweight high-vis jacket or vest (Hincapie’s Skyuka Vest, for example) to stay visible in lower light. You could also wear a clear Pacific Rain Shell with a bright jersey underneath.

Consider front and rear lights to stay visible in low light.


Check your tire pressure. When riding on wet surfaces, lower pressure is best to keep you upright.
Be considerate of group members. Some riders may be slower and need more frequent stops in the rain.


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