Sleeves for All Seasons

Posted On July 24, 2019 / Gear Tips

Whether you’re racing, training, or spinning, you and your team don’t stop when the temperature falls–you throw on an extra layer and hit the pavement. Fortunately, swapping out your short sleeve jersey for something warmer doesn’t mean you have to stop representing your team.

Our custom order process allows us to dress your team for any temperature, rain or shine. Here are some examples of long sleeve jerseys that can be completely customized for your team, event, or office.

Lightest – Max Long Sleeve Jersey

Perfect for those days when the heat is coming but hasn’t quite set in, the Max Long Sleeve Jersey is a clear choice for unclear weather.

Lightweight fabric and mesh paneling allows rapid airflow to evaporate moisture while the added coverage or long sleeves keeps you cool before the heat sets in. For those rides that begin in the cold and end in the heat, consider covering your core with a vest before tucking it away as you warm up.

No need to worry about storage–three roomy pockets provide plenty of space for holding layers, bottles, and anything else you’ll need.

Heavier – Element Long Sleeve Jersey

When the temperatures begin to dip but haven’t yet taken a nose-dive, the Element Long Sleeve Jersey is the perfect choice for in-between rides.

Moisture-wicking fabric will dry quickly, while the jersey’s relaxed, athletic fit offers room for additional layers. This is perfect for those unpredictable weeks that seem to change seasons by the day–simply add or subtract layers to adjust for the change!

 The Element Long Sleeve Jersey doesn’t just factor in the changing temperature; it also accounts for the diminishing daylight. Reflective bands along the sleeves and below the three back pockets will keep you visible while riding into the twilight.

Heaviest – Element Polar Long Sleeve Jersey

Just because the temperature has reached its low point doesn’t mean your riding has to do the same. Slip into your Element Polar Long Sleeve Jersey to continue to take advantage of outdoor rides while all of your friends are stuck on the trainer.

Crafted from BodE Thermal Loft fleece fabric, this insulated jersey provides the ultimate level of comfort and mobility in cold weather. The jersey’s winter weight adds to this comfort by utilizing warmth from within while the outer fabrics keep the cold air out.

Hincapie Gel Grippers ensure you’re fully covered during your ride while the reflective armbands ensure you’re fully visible.

Go Custom

When you’re riding freezing cold every piece of motivation helps, and knowing that you’re repping your team could be the extra push you need to crush your ride. And don’t worry about selling the whole squad on chipping in for extra rain jackets–we can set up a team store to allow every member to order individually.

For any questions about collections, the custom ordering process, or anything else, visit our website or give us a call at (866) 359-4796.

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