Invest in a Vest

Invest in a Vest

A vest is an easy layering option when you need a little extra insulation but the temps haven’t cooled down too much yet. In addition, vests are easily stored in your jersey back pocket when the weather warms up mid-ride.

Through our custom process, you can design a variety of vests that match your club or team kit. This way your team can dress for any temperature. Check out these vest options that can be customized for your team, event, or office.

Wind-resisting – Element Windtex Vest

Element Windtext Vest

Constructed to brave the wind, the Element Windtex Vest is lightweight and packable for your ride. Our most popular vest is versatile enough to wear for three seasons, functioning more as a wind shell than an extra layer of insulation.

Insulating – Element Roubaix

Element Roubaix Vest

The Element Collection’s Roubaix vest is your go-to for an extra layer of warmth. With insulating fleece-like fabric that lines the interior, this vest will keep your core warm in the chilliest temperatures

Wind-resisting and insulating – Element Polar Vest

Element Polar Vest

The Element Polar vest is the best of both worlds: the Windtex shell blocks wind from your body, while the insulating interior keeps you cozy for the duration of your ride.

Customize for Your Needs

When it begins to cool down, the last thing you want to do is cover up your team jersey just to keep warm. But it beats freezing. Our customizable vests allow you to continue repping your team for the duration of the ride. And don’t worry about selling the entire team on chipping in–we can set up a team store to allow every member to order individually.

For any questions about collections, the custom ordering process, or anything else, visit our website or give us a call at (866) 359-4796.