Custom Team Cycling Jerseys and Kits

Custom cycling jerseys and kits combine your team’s unique style with our tried-and-true materials and designs that have helped countless cycling teams perform at their best. Cycling team jerseys bring unity and camaraderie to professional and club teams alike.

Teams and Clubs

We design jerseys for all types of cycling clubs, from large, organized groups to small groups of friends. We’ll help you create a custom kit that shows off your club’s personality and that riders of any skill level will love. You can even choose a custom option for races, recreational riding, or special events.

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Climb USA Cycling's national collegiate rankings in a road race, cyclocross, or time trial event in a durable, aerodynamic Hincapie jersey. Don’t get lost in the peloton. Stand out as you surge to the front. We outfit some of the top collegiate clubs across the United States, and we’ll help you create your team’s unique jersey with the proper logo, mascot, and sponsor requirements.

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Your event will bring cyclists of all skill levels together, and Hincapie cycling apparel will impress even the most discerning of racers. Whether you’re hosting a criterium, a century, or a cyclocross, our apparel has been tested by professional riders and proven to perform in any weather or event.

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Corporate and Non-Profit

Call attention to your company or a cause you care about and create camaraderie among your colleagues in a custom cycling jersey or kit. We’ll help you make sure your jersey stays on brand and highlights your sponsors. Be ready for your next charity ride or team event with a custom Hincapie jersey.

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Isn’t it time your customers bought something with your name on it? Let’s put your logo on some premium apparel.

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Ready for custom cycling apparel?

Whether you ride for performance, leisure, or both, we’ll make sure you’re ready with a high-quality cycling kit that you’ll enjoy every mile.