Home Try-On

The only way to make sure our clothes fit the way you want is to try them on. That’s why we offer Fit Kits that include samples of the clothing that you are interested in. We ship these kits to you free of charge. We only ask that you return them within two weeks and pay the return shipping cost.

Choose a Collection

Select a custom collection that matches your team’s or club’s riding style.

Try On at Home

Contact our team for a Fit Kit request form. We’ll send you the apparel, so you can see if the fit is right for you. 

Return Your Kit

Send it back after two weeks, and contact our team to finalize your order. 


Find the Perfect Fit at Home!

We make it easy to be sure your entire team or group gets custom cycling clothing that fits. By trying on samples, you can be sure you’re ordering the correct sizes.