The Ultimate Guide to Ventum Bikes

The Ultimate Guide to Ventum Bikes

Over the past decade, Ventum has revolutionized the world of cycling by launching bikes that are super fast, comfortable, and customizable. Ventum has cultivated a devoted following among both professional and amateur cyclists with its designs, from the aerodynamically superior Ventum One, built specifically for triathlons, to its versatile NS1 and GS1 models for road and gravel cycling. We spoke with one of Ventum’s pro cyclists for insights into the company’s inspiring journey and also asked George Hincapie about his experience riding Ventum bikes. In this guide, we’ll share their insights and what makes Ventum a true innovator in the cycling industry.

Tracing Ventum’s origins 

Nearly a decade ago, Ventum’s Founder, Diaa Nour, recognized a discrepancy between the price tag of performance bikes and the experiences they delivered. His mission became clear: engineer a bike that lowered the barrier of entry to cycling while elevating the riding experience.

Diaa Nour, alongside Co-Founder Jimmy Seear, started with the discipline with the least innovation at the time—triathlon. At the Ironman World Championship in 2015, they unveiled the Ventum One—a revolutionary triathlon bike featuring a unique Z-shaped frame designed to increase aerodynamic efficiency and minimize drag. By 2018, Ventum had expanded its presence globally and became Ironman’s first Global Bike Partner.

Ventum’s ingenuity and creativity didn’t stop with the Ventum One or with triathlons. In 2019, Ventum introduced the NS1 road bike and the GS1 gravel bike in 2020. Both bikes prioritize speed without sacrificing precise handling or comfort. 

Beyond engineering faster bikes, Ventum’s founders valued direct relationships with their customers. With this in mind, they chose to sell the bikes directly to consumers, giving customers the liberty to customize bikes based on their goals and budgets. 

Ventum doesn’t stay idle–its team is constantly innovating and refining. Though only a few years have passed since the launch of the One, NS1, and GS1, each model has already evolved with upgraded versions that push their performance boundaries.

Ventum’s achievements at a glance

  • Kona debut: In 2016, Ventum made its debut at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This marked the beginning of the brand’s presence on the global triathlon stage.
  • Ironman wins: Ventum Racing gained attention in 2017 when professional triathlete Cody Beals won the Ironman Mont-Tremblant aboard a Ventum bike. This victory showcased the brand’s capabilities in the world of long-distance racing.
  • Triathlete Magazine’s “Best in Class”: Ventum One was recognized by Triathlete Magazine in 2019 as “Best in Class” for the bike’s aerodynamics and innovation, solidifying the brand’s reputation as a leader in cutting-edge triathlon equipment.
  • The Olympics: Several athletes represented Ventum in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  • Professional collaborations: Ventum’s expertise in aerodynamics and design has led to collaborations with professional cycling teams and athletes seeking an edge in time trials and road racing.

Ventum’s innovation

We recently discussed Ventum’s backstory, achievements, and performance qualities with Travis McCabe, a professional Ventum athlete and the brand’s Athlete Manager and Event Coordinator. He shared that Ventum’s design process promotes innovation from start to finish. 

“Improvement and growth are always top-of-mind at Ventum,” Travis shared. “We recently released the All-New NS1 and GS1 and are currently working on new and exciting projects for the near future. This process guarantees Ventum bikes deliver top-tier aerodynamics, performance, and innovation.”

Here’s how the creation of a Ventum bike happens: 

  1. Concept: The team at Ventum first Identifies a market need and then focuses on innovation.
  1. Design: Ventum’s experienced engineers then work on 3D models that optimize aerodynamics, stiffness, and overall performance.
  1. Prototyping: Physical prototypes are released to professional athletes and staff for ride feedback.
  1. Wind tunnel: They then take a new frame to the wind tunnel and test it in controlled aerodynamic conditions.
  1. Real-world trials: The newly designed bike frame is tweaked based on performance data and feedback collected. 
  1. Refinement: Iteratively improve based on insights from the team, and engineers on the project.
  1. Production: The bike is manufactured to high-quality standards.
  1. Final Testing: The bike’s performance and safety are validated. 
  1. Innovation: New technologies are continuously integrated. 
George Hincapie riding Ventum NS1 road bike

How do Ventum bikes perform?

All Ventum bikes go through top-tier performance testing in wind tunnels. Ventum is a brand managed by athletes like Travis, who describes their designs as “born in the wind tunnels.” He describes Ventum as “a company of racers and ex-athletes, so with every design, similar to the VOD, we take all our frames into the wind tunnel for testing.”

We asked our own cycling pro, George Hincapie, to give feedback on his experience riding Ventum bikes. The NS1 and GS1 are his go-to Ventum bikes because they excel in aerodynamics, versatility, handling, and design. 

Aerodynamics: “I certainly feel the emphasis on aerodynamics whether in pulling on the front in a paceline or trying to hide on some wheels in a group ride. I never feel like I am wasting any watts.”  

Versatility: “Ventum bikes perform super well in all disciplines of cycling and different ride conditions, like climbs, descents, and sprints.”

Handling: “I really trust the way Ventum bikes handle on technical descents and at high speeds. My bike reacts well when looking for out-of-the-saddle power as well. I’ve also competed in a few gravel races with a Ventum and enjoyed how well the GS1 cruises over very rough terrain.”

Design: “I love the style, lines, and sleekness of the bike. I think it really stands out.”

Types of Ventum bikes

Ventum One triathalon bike in white

Ventum One

Cost: Starts at $4,999

Colors: Black, white 

The Ventum One isn’t solely about speed; it’s designed exclusively for triathlons. Ventum’s insight during their design of this flagship product was that UCI-legal aspects are insignificant in triathlon racing. This realization led them to engineer a significantly faster bike. 

Ventum One’s unique Z-shaped frame lacks the traditional down tube. This design is not just for aesthetics–it contributes to the bike’s aerodynamic performance.

 The Ventum One also comes with an integrated hydration system built into the frame, so you can drink without shifting out of your aero position. This provides a practical advantage and also enhances aerodynamic performance by eliminating the need for external bottle cages.

The All-New Ventum One has additional tire clearance for greater versatility in tackling various terrains. By shedding half of its frame and doing away with traditional down tubes and seat stays, Ventum streamlined the bike’s profile and further optimized its aerodynamics. The result is a bike that combines responsive and accurate steering with impressive power transfer. 

Ventum NS1 road bike in black

Ventum NS1 

Cost: Starts at $4,199

Colors: Heritage, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Dove

The Ventum NS1 has earned a strong reputation among road bike enthusiasts for its exceptional aerodynamic design, lightweight construction, and sleek aesthetics. Ventum’s direct-to-consumer model enables the brand to provide a high-end road bike without the inflated price tag, making top-tier performance more accessible to all.

What sets the NS1 apart is not only its affordability but also its remarkable comfort. Whether you’re a recreational cyclist or a professional rider, the NS1 caters to your preferences and needs. Its lightweight and aerodynamic profile ensures a ride that’s as fast as it is enjoyable.

As a testament to Ventum’s commitment to continuous improvement, they introduced a new version of the NS1 in February. This iteration builds upon the NS1’s already stellar foundation. Equipped with a one-piece bar/stem combo, the NS1 introduces new features such as updated carbon to stiffen the frame and reduce weight, a new integrated bar, clearance for larger tires, and a recessed head tube for an aggressive setup. 

The bike’s integrated headsets and concealed cabling contribute to its clean aesthetics and enhance its aerodynamic efficiency. The added clearance for 35c tires makes the NS1 incredibly versatile and excels in almost all road applications.

The All-New NS1 remains steady and predictable, offering a dependable ride experience. It’s also the bike for several professional cycling teams, including CS Velo, EMPYR, and Cynisca. 

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Ventum GS1 gravel bike in minted

Ventum GS1

Cost: Starts at $2,599

Colors: Moab, Moss, Sage, Storm, Minted


The Ventum GS1 isn’t just another gravel bike—it’s purpose-built for performance and speed. The GS1’s agility and responsive steering truly come to life when tackling challenging terrains. 

The All-New GS1 takes things up a notch with wider tire clearance for improved traction and stability across diverse landscapes. With a longer wheelbase, the bike provides greater stability at higher speeds and greater control when tackling challenging routes. By fine-tuning the angles and dimensions of the GS1’s frame, Ventum optimized the bike’s handling to provide a more responsive riding experience.

The bike’s recessed headsets optimize aerodynamics with a more streamlined and efficient profile, so you can cut through the wind more effectively and maintain your speed. The bike’s external appearance is uncluttered and sleek by neatly integrating the cables into the frame. This enhances the bike’s visual appeal and gives it an aerodynamic advantage.

The 5mm flip-chip adds to the GS1’s adaptability. This component lets you fine-tune your riding experience according to the specific demands of different terrains.

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Finding a custom fit for your Ventum bike

Ventum is unique in offering a wide range of customization options for your bike. From sizes to components and color schemes, you can tailor your bikes to meet your unique goals and preferences. And the Ventum support team is ready and willing to help you at any point in the process. 

  1. Choose the base model: The first step is to select the base model you’re interested in, whether it’s the Ventum One for triathlons, the NS1 for road cycling, or the GS1 for gravel cycling.
  2. Choose a frame color: Ventum often provides a range of color options and sometimes even custom paint jobs. These are generally aesthetic choices but can make your bike feel more personalized.
  3. Choose frame size: You’ll typically have options for different frame sizes, which should be chosen based on your height, inseam, and riding style. Learn more about how to measure bike size in our road bike size guide.
  4. Choose components: This is often where the most significant customization occurs. You can either choose the frameset only, including the frame, fork, seatpost, headset assembly, and thru axles. You’ll have additional options for the wheelset, groupset, handlebar width, power meter, ceramic speed, crank, and stem length. Depending on whether you’re purchasing a road or gravel bike, you’ll also have options for different types and sizes of tires.
  5. Add accessories: This could include bottle cages, a computer mount, or pedal options.
  6. Review and order: Once you’ve made all your selections, you’ll have the chance to review your choices and the total price before finalizing your order.
  7. Assemble your bike: Your bike will arrive 98% assembled if you use standard US shipping. You’ll only need to install the wheels and seatpost. If you live outside the US, you will also need to install the stem onto the steerer tube. 

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Why Ventum bikes are our go-to 

From our experience riding Ventum bikes, one thing is clear: the brand is innovative and committed to delivering a cycling experience that exceeds expectations in terms of performance and comfort.

Ventum has not only designed excellent high-performance bikes but has also redefined what customer relationships can look like for bike manufacturers. Their direct-to-consumer model and commitment to customization set them apart, showing a level of customer support that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

As Ventum continues to push the boundaries of innovation and design, it’s evident that this brand is helping to shape the future of cycling.

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