Custom Team Cycling Jerseys & Kits

Custom cycling team jerseys and kits combine your team’s unique style with our tried-and-true materials and designs that have helped countless cycling teams perform at their best. Cycling team jerseys bring unity and camaraderie to professional and club teams alike.

Custom Cycling Kits for Every Team

After a decade of innovation and testing with feedback from our ambassadors, pro team, and Big George himself, we’re confident that we can create a custom cycling kit for your team that keeps everyone comfortable for miles on end. Our cycling experts and experienced designers want to help take your team’s vision from a template to the podium.

Hincapie Custom cycling team clothing

Kits for Teams and Clubs

We design jerseys for all types of cycling clubs, from large, organized groups to small groups of friends. We’ll help you design a custom kit that shows off your club’s personality and that both serious road racers and riders of any skill level will love. You can choose a custom option for races, recreational riding, or special events.

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Hincapie Custom collegiate cycling team clothing

Collegiate Cycling Jerseys

Climb USA Cycling's national collegiate rankings in a road race, cyclocross, or time trial event in a durable, aerodynamic Hincapie jersey. Looking like another team is the last thing you want to do. We’ll help you create your team’s unique jersey with the proper logo, mascot, and sponsor requirements that’s sure to turn heads and help your team perform at its best. We outfit some of the top collegiate clubs across the United States.

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Professional & Continental Cycling Kits

For the professional cyclist, every fiber and seamline matters–there's no messing around with performance, and our designs have all the tech you need for your best ride. When you create a custom kit with Hincapie, rest assured that we’ll take speed, air flow, moisture, weather, and sweat into account from head to toe. You can focus on the fun of the design process, and we’ll help you create a cycling kit with all the colors, products, and specifications to suit your team.

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Hincapie Custom corporate cycling team clothing

Corporate and Non-Profit Cycling Team Jerseys

Call attention to your brand or a cause you care about and create camaraderie among your colleagues in a custom cycling jersey or kit. We’ll help you make sure your jersey stays on brand and highlights your sponsors. Get ready for your next charity ride or team race with a custom Hincapie jersey.

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Choose the Best Custom Cycling Kit for Your Sport


Speed, endurance, agility, and comfort all matter to a road racer. Our Velocity design is our most versatile option that serves any type of cyclist for racing or recreation. The Max design offers exactly what its name suggests–maximum breathability, tightness, lightness, and moisture-wicking ability for hard-core racers. The Signature design includes fabrics and fits selected by George. It’s also optimized for maximum performance and is ultra-soft and contoured. 


For a time trial or criterium, your gear should help you maximize speed. Our Arrow design has been tested in a wind tunnel so you can have certainty that nothing will drag you down. 


Cyclocross racers have grit, and their jerseys should be able to withstand grit. Our Gravel designs are made to withstand extreme terrain and weather conditions. The materials are as warm, waterproof, and windproof as possible. If the weather’s snowy and frigid, our Element design will keep you warm and efficient. 


For the relaxed weekend club rides, our relaxed Axis design will provide comfort for casual, everyday cycling.


Customize Your Team Cycling Kit



Compare our collections to choose your team’s style.



Try a kit at home to make sure each member of your team likes it and orders the right size. 



Create a team cycling jersey and short design. First, choose a design template, and be sure to follow our design guidelines.



Get in touch with the Hincapie team. 


Customize Your Team Cycling Kit

If you’re ready to start creating custom cycling kits for your team, 

  1. Compare our collections to choose your team’s style.
  2. Try a kit at home to make sure each member of your team likes it and orders the right size. 
  3. Create a team cycling jersey and short design. First, choose a design template, and be sure to follow our design guidelines
  4. Get in touch with the Hincapie team

Place your orders, and we’ll start designing. We’ll create a team store for you so everyone can order individually. 

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