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Mountain bike clothing should keep you cool and protected. Hincapie custom MTB jerseys and shorts are designed with maximum breathability and moisture control. Durability is a priority. Our fabrics resist tears and withstand dirt and water. MTB jerseys and shorts with stretch and padding are just as important in mountain biking as in road cycling, but our mountain bike apparel is uniquely designed to meet the demands of the rough terrain and climbs that mountain biking brings.

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MTB jerseys and shorts that enhance your performance

The slower speeds of mountain biking, compared to road racing, allow us to take advantage of looser, thicker fabrics for increased temperature regulation and protection. A fitted moisture-wicking liner in our shorts keeps you cool and provides the benefits of a chamois. Downhill mountain biking is fast and exhilarating, but the natural obstacles increase the need for a few extra safeguards. Your performance and safety are both important to us. In addition to our durable designs, our shorts reach the knee for full coverage to the knee pad. Longer socks and gloves with full finger coverage offer additional protection. 

Designed For Mountain Biking





Moisture Wicking


Summer Weight


Baggy fit for Mountain Bike Shorts

Relaxed Fit

Breathable, relaxed fit allows body temperatures to stay regulated throughout your longest rides.

Liner in Custom Mountain Bike Shorts

Lined MTB Shorts

MTB shorts include a removable liner to allow for versatile fit and maximum comfort.

Zipper Pocket for Mountain Bike Shorts

Zipper Pocket

Side zipper pocket allows for storage of gels, bars, and other nutrition.

The Mountain Biking Collection

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