Design & Ordering Process

Your custom cycling apparel is handled in-house from start to finish.

High-quality fabrics, technology that has been tested by the pros, and patterns that are continually perfected and tweaked: these are a few reasons why Hincapie’s custom apparel stands out from the rest. In addition, we produce all of your apparel in our factory in Colombia, operated by George and Rich’s aunt, uncle, and cousin. This means that from the time you begin your order with a custom sales rep to the moment that your kit is packed for shipping (usually a four- to six-week process), it doesn’t leave the hands of a member of the Hincapie family.


From Pen to Paper

Our team of in-house designers are at your disposal. They’ll work with you to create a look that you’ll be proud to rep all season long. Or, if you’d prefer to design the kit yourself, go for it! No matter what path you take, you’ll end up on the other side with great-looking, great-fitting clothing.


Only the best materials

We source materials from all over the world to create apparel that suits your sport. From moisture-wicking to sun-blocking, ventilating to insulating, we choose the highest quality fabrics to create your custom cycling kit.

Cutting and printing

Parts and Pieces

After you’ve approved your design and your team has placed its order, it’s time for the fun to begin. Each panel of your kit is printed on paper–true to size–while nearby, the fabric is meticulously cut into the pieces that will eventually be sewn together.


Color Your Kit

And then it all gets real. The printed patterns are sublimated onto the cut fabrics, and the pieces of your jersey are flooded with color.


Needle and Thread

The pieces of your kit then travel to the sewing room, where the panels come together to form the shape of a cycling jersey or a bib short, a running singlet or an arm warmer.

Quality control and packaging

And delivered to your door

Last–and perhaps most importantly–your apparel is carefully inspected for color and construction, and it’s packaged as you requested (either one shipment to you, or individually shipped to your team members). It will then leave Medellin, Colombia, and be at the FedEX headquarters in Memphis, TN in as little as one day. From there it goes through customs before finally reaching your doorstep.

Let's do this.