Limited Edition Season 2

It starts with an idea or a feeling. A story from a ride or a memory from one of George’s races. An interesting color combination. A pattern inspired from something we saw on the road.

And then it’s pencil to paper, color swatches and fit sessions, calls to the factory, scouting for photo shoots and pairing accessories, until that beautiful day when the kit is in our hands and we see with our own eyes what we’ve created.

Something this special doesn’t last forever. Each piece is exclusive to the time period in which it was created. Which means we’re only creating a finite amount, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Introducing The Hincapie Limited Edition Collection


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A tribute to George Hincapie’s steadfast approach to training, the Beacon kit is understated and clean, with flashes of neon to ensure visibility when you’re training all hours of the day.


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The Valor kit is bold, bright, yet still clean and streamlined. Almost royal.

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