Limited Edition Season 3

There’s a reason we do this, day in and day out, rain or shine, blistering hot or chattering cold. There’s a reason we spend our days reading articles about FTP tests, spend our dollars on the latest trainer or power meter, and spend our Saturday hours on the road.

We love this sport more than we love cheering on our college teams, a great day at our jobs, or drinking our favorite beer (okay, maybe not the beer, but you get our point). Cycling brings out the best in us—our drive, our competitive nature, our humor, and our sense of adventure. The more we ride, the more we want to ride.

Season 3 of the Hincapie Limited Edition collection honors this almost innate passion for being on the bike. Whether the kit design is inspired by the nature of Colombia—a cycling mecca and the Hincapie family birthplace—or the free-spirited personality of professional racer TJ Eisenhart, the message is clear: cycling inspires lives of enthusiasm and passion.


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A tribute to pro cyclist TJ Eisenhart, the Energy kit spreads positive vibes and peace to all who wear it.


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With soft colors and organic design, the Flora reflects the beauty of Colombian nature.


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Ascend honors the cyclist who—literally and figuratively— pushes himself to the next level.


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The Fiesta kit celebrates the sport of cycling while still maintaining a level of sophistication.

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