Limited Edition Monuments

Milan–San Remo. Paris–Roubaix. These monuments, among a few others, are considered the oldest, hardest, and most prestigious one-day events in the sport; every professional cyclist aspires to compete in one of these races, and every cycling fan stays glued to the live stream to in awe of the grit and glory. Just like these pillars of cycling, the monuments of Mother Nature are awe-inspiring, magnificent, and demand the respect of all who come from miles away to see them. These monuments of nature inspired our latest Limited Edition collection.

El Cap

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A climb up the monument of El Cap requires long term mental and physical training, technical skills, the right equipment, some raw grit and just a touch of luck—just like the sport of bike racing.


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The bright orange color and elegant shapes echo the landscape of natural stone arches and soaring pinnacles found in Arches National Park.


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The breathtaking colors of Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic Spring boldly demand attention and respect; they blend together in perfect harmony to display one of nature’s most beautiful monuments.