Limited Edition Wayfinding

The journey is the destination.

Our bikes take us places to escape, to challenge us, to inspire us.  It is the journey that we love as much as the destination. We sometimes stay focused on the roads, intersections and signs while other times we embrace the freedom of chance and intuition.

Wayfinding is built into the DNA of riding a bicycle. With this Limited Edition collection we celebrate the Routes we’ve done, the Directions we’ve used and all the different ways we Navigate ourselves on our bikes.


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Our Directional kit is inspired by cues we take in around us that help us stay safe and on course: Crosswalks, arrows, fences, traffic lanes. The hi-viz accents help make us seen by others trying to find their way while the performance fabrics and tailored fit helps keep us focused on our ride. 


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Being on the bike forces us to stay alert and aware of our surroundings. The Navigate kit is inspired by the constant maneuvering and anticipation that comes with riding our bikes. As we become better cyclists, we not only see our bodies change but also our minds. We learn what to look for and what to avoid on our ride.


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We live for the ride. Whether it’s a Saturday morning group ride, a gran fondo you’ve been looking forward to all year or a solo secret training ride we all have our favorite routes. Some close to home and some far far away. We track them. We share them. We love them.