Limited Edition Cycling Cities

As flowers and sunshine begin to replace snow and cold, cyclists are beginning to sneak out for rides outdoors instead of on basement trainers. Everyone from NYC to Amsterdam to Tokyo is united in their excitement of upcoming rides with friends and warm spring weather. Our Cycling Cities collection celebrates the universal love of cycling around the world—it unites us no matter who we are or where we ride.

Long before dawn on cold winter Saturday mornings in New York City, Ricardo Hincapie was waking up his sons George and Rich to get ready for the hour-long drive to the local bike race at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. They met up with their teammates from Kissena Cycling at the Grecian temple and discussed the plan for the day’s race. George quickly became the guy to watch as he racked up more and more wins and although he now calls Greenville, SC home, his love of cycling was anchored in those weekend NYC races.


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March signals the beginning of spring across the northern hemisphere, but one of the most well-known symbols is the beautiful cherry blossoms of Tokyo. Cyclists from around the world cruise around the city to enjoy the warm air and light breezes, the long cold winter already a distant memory.


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Cyclists own the streets in Amsterdam—we all know that cars take second place in the fight for right-of-way in this cycling-friendly city. They weave in and out of the traffic, ignoring the stop signs on their way to work or to the coffee shop. The Bicycle Capital of the World is a dream for cyclists riding around the city on the huge network of cycling paths and protected bike lanes.