Our Story

Cycling is our Life

It’s all that we know, and it’s all that we are. Which is why we’ve made it our business in every sense of the word. We design and manufacture premium cycling apparel. We create and run upscale cycling events. We have a restaurant and hotel that hosts visiting cyclists from all over the world. We manage a spring series of races. We operate and outfit a professional racing team. Cycling is embedded in everything we do, and every day we work even harder to improve the sport, to make it more accessible to others, and to build a stronger community for future cyclists.

Join us in our journey.

George, Rich and Ricardo Hincapie

Our History

Rich and George Hincapie began cycling as young boys, and while George went on to pursue cycling as a career, Rich headed to business school while still competing as an elite-level amateur cyclist. In 2003, Rich founded Hincapie Sportswear, with South Carolina’s Assaults on Mt. Mitchell and Marion as his first customer.

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Hincapie Family

Our Family

Hard work is threaded through the Hincapie DNA. Just like grit. And determination. Which is why Rich wasn’t intimidated by the idea of opening a factory in Medellin, Colombia, only a year into running his business. He wasn’t nervous because he knew he’d be working with his uncle Jorge, who not only had a background in textile manufacturing, but who also had the same unfailing work ethic that ran through Rich’s veins.

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George Hincapie

George Hincapie

One of the most well-known names in the cycling industry, George Hincapie defined the term domestique, making a name for himself by serving his teammates and putting their needs above his own.

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What Makes Us Hincapie

Factory & Technology

Some call it micro-managing; we call it quality control. Every stitch, every pocket, every zipper, every inch of your kit is produced within our own factory, run by George and Rich’s uncle and aunt.

Our Ambassadors

Our area experts, our cheerleaders, the real people who wear the apparel: Hincapie Ambassadors share our love for design and our appreciation for quality.

Our Team

When placing an order with us, our team quickly becomes your team. Meet the people behind the phone calls, the social media posts, and the events.

Visit our Shop

Want to try on some apparel? Or just want to catch a sneak peek of George when he’s not riding? Either way, you’re welcome to come visit us. We won’t judge if you pull out your phone for a "last minute" selfie.