Factory and Technology

Made In-House

From the sales to the production and everything in between, the Hincapie business stays in the family. So while other companies may outsource each piece of your apparel to manufacturers all over the world, your Hincapie kit is made in one factory owned by one family. This means quality control for us, and high-quality kits for you.

Why We Do Everything In-House

George Hincapie kit testing

Tested by Cyclists

We don’t just make kits. We ride in them. And so does our pro team, and the people who work in our factory. Nothing hits your hands without being tested first.

Hincapie Factory

Under our Thumb

Owning our own factory allows for a constant stream of communication from our sales office to final production. There’s no chasing down orders; instead, there’s fine-tuning and perfecting.

Hincapie Family

Family Run

When your family runs the business, it’s not about the money. It’s about teaching family values, about loyalty and honesty, hard work and determination. About keeping the family name intact.

Technology & Innovation



Velocity, Active
A polyester/Lycra®-blended flat-knit mesh with wide eyelet openings. This unique construction provides a combination of full coverage in a printable surface and excellent temperature regulation properties.

Acquazero fabric technology


Element, Fluid Plus
This durable finish repels moisture to the surface of the fabric causing a "quick dry" effect, while the UPF 50+ sun block protects from harmful UV rays.

Aerator Plus

Aerator™ Plus

Max, Fluid Plus
Made for the most hot and humid days, this lightweight polyester/elastane fabric utilizes mesh vents to provide maximum ventilation. Allowing air to flow directly over the skin, Aerator™ Plus promotes evaporation and dries the fabric quickly to help keep you dry and cool in the hottest conditions.

AT2 Tour Lycra Power

AT2 Tour™ Lycra® Power

Durable sublimation-ready polyester and Lycra® Power yarns blend to provide a perfect base for showcasing the bold colors of your design. At a lightweight 225 gsm, this fabric also provides a perfectly comfortable fit with just the right amount of compression.

BodE Thermal Heat technology fabric

BodE Thermal Heat™

Our heaviest, structured, 4-way stretch knit at 250 gsm with lofted fleece back provides excellent moisture wicking and insulation. Nylon/Lycra® construction is durable and soft against the skin, providing unsurpassed winter weight comfort.

Bode Thermal Loft

BodE Thermal Loft™

4-way stretch knit (at 235 gsm) with lofted fleece back that simultaneously insulates and wicks moisture. Polyester/Lycra® construction is durable and soft against the skin, providing unsurpassed winter weight comfort.


Signature, Max, Arrow
Durable 80% nylon/20% elastane fabric provides a structured and comfortable fit that moves with your body while retaining shape and firmness. At 225 gsm, this 40-gauge loom construction makes this fabric extremely compact with 4-way stretch and also has the coldblack® finish for improved temperature regulation.



Axis, Velocity
An innovative high-tech, 245 gsm, 89% nylon/11% elastane opaque fabric with SweatResist technology prevent sweat stains and color fading. The fabric is finished with SolarGuard® to repel harmful UV rays.



A polyester/spandex performance stretch mesh that is tightly knitted to provide excellent structure and moisture management. The mesh is constructed to draw moisture away from the body then expand with your own body movements, allowing air to rapidly flow over the fabric’s surface to quickly evaporate moisture away.

Flash Fabric


Hincapie Gel-Gripper™

Velocity, Axis, Element, Fluid
A flexible, non-slip strip that provides comfortable traction against any surface to help garments remain in place during activity.



Element Rain
4-way stretch knit with lofted fleece back, treated with AcquaZero® to absorb less moisture and quickly dry.


Tightly knit, high-performance polyester fabric provides excellent structure and moisture management in a sleek, visually appealing pattern. A fast-dry finish make this fabric comfortable in any climate.

Power3 Mesh


The aerating power stretch tricot mesh has an open eyelet construction that provides excellent moisture management and temperature regulation.



Velocity, Signature, Max, Arrow, Fluid Plus
Constructed of lightweight, laser-cut fabric, the ProGrip™ bands’ light silicone application holds your apparel comfortably and securely in place against the skin.

ProGrip Lite

ProGrip™ Lite

Stealthwerks 3

RaceFlow™ Lite

Fluid Plus

RaceFlow Mesh

RaceFlow™ Mesh

Fluid Plus
A lightweight, breathable mesh fabric with excellent moisture management. FastDry technology helps keep you dry.



This lightweight 180 gsm moisture-wicking fabric moves moisture away quickly to help control body temperature during activity, while the QuickDry application keeps you dry. A UPF 50+ rating protects from the sun's harmful rays.


Stealthwerks 3™

Arrow, Fluid Plus
Wind-tunnel tested, polyester- and elastane-blended threads knitted into channels that optimize airflow over the fabric at time trial speeds. The hydrophobic finish repels moisture, while the UPF 50+ sun protection repels harmful UV rays.





A lightweight, moisture-wicking Lycra® fabric that moves with the body to provide the ultimate fit and flexibility. SunSmart™ technology is built into the fabric so it won't wash out; the fibers provide UPF 30+ protection from UVA and UVB rays.

TourTek Compressor™

Axis, Velocity, Arrow, Fluid
This polyester/elastane blend provides a durable fit that moves with your body while still retaining shape and firmness. At 245 gsm, this fabric is the perfect combination of compressive support and performance, while a 50+ UPF rating keeps you covered.

TourTek Mesh

TourTek Mesh™



Windtex Mesh

Windtex Mesh