Our Family

Hard work is threaded through the Hincapie DNA. Just like grit. And determination.

Which is why Rich wasn’t intimidated by the idea of opening a factory in Medellin, Colombia, only a year into running his business. He wasn’t nervous because he knew he’d be working with his uncle Jorge, who not only had a background in textile manufacturing, but who also had the same unfailing work ethic that ran through Rich’s veins.

So when faced with the idea of outsourcing materials and production or keeping it all in one city, in one building, and in one family, the choice was obvious. Even if it did require a bit more sweat equity. 15 years later, the Hincapie Sportswear factory fills four buildings and employs hundreds of people. Still run by Uncle Jorge and his wife, Aunt Mari.

And, the Hincapie family has extended beyond those who carry the Hincapie name. Every person who places a team order with us, who rides in a Gran Fondo, who cheers us on at a race, or who shares a meal at our table—each and every one of these people becomes a member of our family.

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Our History

It all began when Rich and George's father Ricardo taught them how to ride bikes.

George Hincapie

Renowned cyclist George Hincapie made a name for himself as a domestique.

Our Story

Cycling is our life. It's who we are and what we do.