Our History

Rich and George Hincapie began cycling as young boys, and while George went on to pursue cycling as a career, Rich headed to business school while still competing as an elite-level amateur cyclist. In 2002, Rich founded Hincapie Sportswear, with South Carolina’s Assaults on Mt. Mitchell and Marion as his first customer.

With the apparel business successfully running, Rich began to think broader about all that the high-end cycling experience encompasses—from gourmet food to upscale lodging, guided rides to weekend races, and everything in between. This exploration led to a series of projects, all of which have become businesses of their own under the Hincapie brand.

The ultimate illustration of the high-end cycling experience is the Gran Fondo Hincapie series, begun in 2012 in Greenville, S.C., and now expanded to a series with rides in Chattanooga, Boise, and Fort Worth. Also in 2012, the Hincapie brothers began their own development racing team, which has now grown to a Continental team with numerous titles and a renowned reputation. In 2013, Hotel Domestique and Restaurant 17 opened—a realization of George’s dream to recreate some of the experiences he had while racing in Europe. And in 2017, the brothers began the Hincapie Cycling Society in order to further encourage others to get into cycling.

The ideas continue, and we cannot predict what business will be next for the Hincapie brand. We can, however, guarantee that with each new venture, there is one constant: a true love and appreciation for the sport that’s made us who we are today.

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Our Family

Our business is our family, and our family is our business.

George Hincapie

Renowned cyclist George Hincapie made a name for himself as a domestique.

Our Story

Cycling is our life. It's who we are and what we do.