Men's Essential Bib

Tried and true fabrics make the Men's Essential Bib your classic go-to. This clean and simple design provides a sleek look that is anything but basic. Now available in two colors to match your favorite jersey.

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Slim athletic fit

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Compressive with muscle support

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Mesh upper

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Gripper on leg openings

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Pro 2.0 chamois 6–8 hours

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UPF 50+

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10" inseam

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Customer Reviews

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Patrick Reed
Not what I was expecting

two weeks ago, I tossed my first Hincapie bibs in the trash because I had worn them for more than a decade, but they the padding was coming undone. OK, though, I loved them, and they were the ones I would wear because of the fit and feel and the sturdy fabric. They had seen their wear life, and had served me well.

When I purchased the "Essential Bib" I was expecting the same kind of sturdy fabric, and hugging fit. They were flimsy, rather like a child's costume. They felt slippery, and I slid around the saddle in an ad hoc kind of way.

I would not but them again, but they will definitely be my last choice when kitting up before a ride.

Ken Russell
Okay, okay, I'll write a review!

So, got an email from Hincapie, Father's Day sale, I think, Essential bib short for a decent price. I've been cycling for 35 years or so, and have used nearly every brand out there - Castelli, Assos, Garneau, Specialized, Gore, name brands, not so name brands; Hincapie XL's have always fit me well, and worn well, with the exception of the Momentum bibs that I bought a few months ago - the bottoms were fine, but the straps could have been maybe an inch or so longer. Oh, well, I wore them and couldn't return them. The only minor quibble that I have ever had with Hincapies is the tendency for the straps to slide off my shoulders when I'm not on the bike, which is never a problem when I'm ON the bike, so there's that.
So, as going through my bibs lineup a while ago and saw that one pair was starting to get a bit thin where they usually do, you know where - right above the butt crack, so figured I might as well replace them while there was a sale on.
So went through the ordering process, was about to complete the sale when I saw that I had to pay for shipping... I HATE paying for shipping - but thought about it, decided to bite the bullet and completed the process.
This was on June 14.
Got a shipping notice on June 17.
Got an email asking for a review on June 24.
My first thought was, kick it back a notch, tiger - I haven't got the shorts yet....
Actually got the shorts on June 27. Tried them on and thought, hmmm, pretty nice...
So... Me. 77 years old. 5' 10-1/2, a husky 230. Titanium knee, afib, various medications ('cause lets face it, you don't get to be my age without being in the clutches of Big Pharma), average week is 4 25 mile rides, average speed anywhere from 13 -15 mph, with my pals who are all above 55, oldest being 82. I confess I'm riding an e-bike, Scott Addict eRide 10, because I just can't keep up with the 50 year old kids any more...
So last Saturday, I'm wearing my new bibs. The guys I'm riding with decide that they want to ride a little bit longer - there's a coffee shop 20 miles away. I can't remember the last time that I did a 40 mile ride, but figure that I'll give it a try. So, 20 miles, caffeine, sugar intake, 20 miles back; the 82 year old guy rides my wheel the whole way back, but what the hell, he's 82 years old, he can ride my wheel all he wants to.
The last 4 miles all I want is for it to be over. Get back to the cars and every part of my body hurts - my hands, my arms, my back, my feet, my legs, hell, my *hair* hurt. Every part of my body hurt... except for my crotch!
2 Big Big thumbs up for these shorts. If I had 4 hands, then 4 Big Big thumbs up for these shorts! Based on this one ride, I love these shorts!!
Even though I had to pay for shipping.

Jeff Fryer
Very Comfortable Shorts

I have been riding with these shorts for a couple of weeks now and am happy with my purchase. They are quite comfortable and feel good on. I like the lower thigh gripper elastic and it holds the short from riding up. The only thing I'd like would be a bit more compression in the thigh area. I have large quads and the fabric still has a little less compression than I'd like.

Robert Argo
Great Bibs!

I've ordered a second set of bibs after trying out the first pair for a couple of months. Here's what I've found:

1) The fit from the waist down is excellent--I ordered a large, and I'm 6'4" and 180-185 lbs. These shorts are comfortable from the moment I put them on all throughout my bike ride. The chamois padding does its job and does it well--no discomfort at all.

2) The shoulder straps are comfortable for rides of up to 1.5 hours so far--emphasis on the "so far." As a man with a longer torso, the possibility of eventual shoulder strap discomfort is what kept me from buying bibs for so long. But, after getting a pair of Velocity Bibs after entering the Hincapie fondo last year (but not wearing them on the ride), I gradually began wearing them on longer and longer rides. Finally, I ended up wearing the Velocity Bibs I got with this year's fondo on the ride (4+ hours of wearing those). While the shoulder straps on the Essential Bibs are more snug than the Velocity, I still haven't felt any discomfort even up to that 1.5 hour mark. Even if that were to eventually happen on a longer ride, I would still consider these Essential Bibs to be perfect for those weekday, pre- or post-work rides when you can't just go out for hours.

3) Basic black--how can you go wrong? They match up with all of my jerseys (and socks) currently in rotation.

Ed Buffington
Perfect everyday bib

Well constructed with comfortable chamois. Perfect for every day wear that goes with any jersey. 💯


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