How to Improve Your Riding: Tips from our Gran Fondo Hincapie Sponsors

How to Improve Your Riding: Tips from our Gran Fondo Hincapie Sponsors

This year we have been very excited to be able to offer insider information and training tips from our amazing sponsors. From training rides, to virtual webinars, and some exciting onsite demos at our Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville Vendor Expo we have worked hard to share the cool products and knowledge that our sponsors bring to our events. We are getting very close to our last event of the year, our Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville and we’ve got some really cool things to share with you from our sponsors so check out the information below and see where you can improve your cycling!

Gran Fondo Training Rides and Plans

If there is one thing we love it’s having a little help from our friends when it comes to training and we can’t thank Team Supra enough for putting on a few Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville Training Rides this year. Riding is always better with friends and Team Supra has done an excellent job in helping people get to know our Greenville course and perfect their training. There is one more training ride happening in Greenville, SC this weekend and you can find the information about it here.

Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville may be our last Gran Fondo for 2022 but we will be back in 2023 and have put together a great training plan for you use should you need one to help you get prepared to join us in 2023! Our goals have to start somewhere to check out these tips and get yourself registered for one of our 2023 Gran Fondo Hincapie events! We can’t wait to see you there.

Recovery Tips from Speed Hound

The team at Speed Hound will be on site at our Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville Expo ready to help your legs recover from a big day of riding but we are also teaming up with them to bring their tips on recovery right to your home via a Facebook Live Webinar! Tune in this Thursday, October 6 at 7:00 PM to learn all about their products and how they can help you! When you are hanging out at our Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville Vendor Expo make sure to stop by and check out their ProPerformance Recovery System and their Pro Percussion Gun before or after your ride and see just how good their products leave your body feeling!

Supersapiens X Gran Fondo Hincapie

We put in hours of training to be better when the days like the Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville finally come along. Hours of effort each day go into working on our fitness and bettering ourselves as athletes and now there is a way for you to make more informed decisions when it comes to your training.

We’ve teamed up with the crew at Supersapiens to bring our Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville riders an extra edge when it comes to perfecting their training. Supersapiens is offering you the chance to use their continuous glucose monitor system and really dive deep into what your body is using when you are putting in those efforts on the bike.

All you have to do is Apply! The Supersapiens wear trial gives chosen applicants access to the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensors, revolutionary glucose monitoring technology, plus the personal insights and unrivaled experience through the Supersapiens mobile app and data dashboard.

Submit Your Application!

Anyone who is actively looking to become better should apply!
To enter, you must be a US resident, a healthy athlete, over 18 years old, and speak English.

Each eligible participant who is selected and completes the consenting process will receive:
● Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensors for 4 weeks of glucose monitoring
● Supersapiens Performance Patches to protect the biosensors
● Access to Supersapiens mobile app

This is an exclusive invitation available only to our US-based Gran Fondo Hincapie participants.

The Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor is not intended for medical use. It is not intended for use in screening, diagnosis, treatment, cure, mitigation, prevention, or monitoring of diseases, including diabetes.
The Supersapiens system is not available for commercial distribution in the U.S.

Grab a new PowerBar product at the Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville Rest Stops!

This year we partnered with PowerBar to bring our riders insider knowledge on all things sports nutrition in the months leading up to the Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville. PowerBar hosted a series of virtual webinars where they discussed proper fueling for whatever event you have on the calendar and how their products will help you stay strong during your training and racing efforts.

A few of their main tips were to make sure that 2-4 hours before you ride you take in 1-4 g/kg Carbs before your event and during your training ride or event you make sure to get in 30-90 g/hr of carbs to keep you feeling good! Check out their line of Sports Nutrition options here to learn all about their products and how they can help you!

Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville Vendor Expo

Make sure to stop by our Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville Vendor Expo this year and check out all the amazing products and information our sponsors have to share with our riders. We are thankful to have such great sponsors come out to our events and share their tips with all of our participants.