From the Sales Team: Tips for Your First Custom Cycling Apparel Order

Hincapie Custom Sales Team

When you decide to place a custom cycling apparel order with Hincapie Sportswear, you enter into a relationship with our family. That being said, the ordering process is not transactional; rather, it’s a continual conversation with your customer service representative. In the spirit of this, below are a few tips from our sales team that will make the custom cycling apparel ordering process easier for you.

Lean on your customer service representative.

Your customer service rep is your go-to guy (or girl). If you have questions about fit, timetable, cost, delivery, anything and everything—she has the answers. Put her number on speed dial and get her email address. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

And then answer your new best friend when he calls.

Because the custom cycling apparel process is a two-way street. He’s going to have questions along the way too—everything from what apparel line suited you best to asking for your logos in vector format. Remember: the slower you take to respond, the longer it will take for your kit to finally arrive at your door.

Have an idea of your kit design.

You definitely don’t need to have a design ready to go before calling us; we have designers on staff who will create your custom design for you. But you do need to provide more direction than, “I like the color blue.” The success of your design is dependent upon the information you give us, so the more information, the better; e.g. “Our team logo is a retro-looking blue bicycle, and we want to continue with that vintage feel on the kit design.”

Remember that the production of quality custom cycling apparel takes time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was your custom jersey. High quality cycling apparel takes time. Depending upon the size of the order and responsiveness of you and your team, the art process could take a few weeks. It’s worth it, though, because we’re not shipping your stuff off to China and churning it out of a machine. Your kit will be hand-sewn by seamstresses in our family-run factory in Medellin, Colombia. So when that Hincapie package arrives on your doorstep, you’ll know you’ve got something special.