Blood Sweat and Gears Celebrates 21 Years of Cycling and Charity

Blood Sweat and Gears Celebrates 21 Years of Cycling and Charity

On June 22, 2019, Blood Sweat and Gears (BSG) celebrated its 21st anniversary. The event, located in the High Country of North Carolina, offers challenging 95-mile and 45-mile routes filled with epic climbs and scenic views. With a history of challenging, scenic, and safe rides, it’s easy to see how BSG has grown to success.

The Ride

Both the 95-mile and 45-mile routes started and finished in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. While both routes shared the same roads for the first 33 miles, the shorter route turned to the finish as the longer route headed towards Snake Mountain. Riders of both routes experienced Mast Gap, Rush Branch, and George’s Gap, some of the best climbs North Carolina has to offer.

The Experience

BSG is more than just a ride, it is a premier cycling experience. Several aid stations along each route provide riders with water, sports drinks, fruit, and snacks, as well as bathroom facilities and SAG support. Riders are also given a non-competitive timing chip, are accompanied by SAG support vehicles, and provided with a post-ride meal. Yoga and stretching areas are located at the finish, and riders are invited to an evening function at the Appalachian Mountain Brewery in Boone, NC.

The Purpose

All proceeds from BSG go towards the programs and services BSG Events, inc. supports in the North Carolina High Country. BSG Events, inc. is a fundraising non-profit committed to empowering local charities.

Hincapie and BSG

We are honored to partner with BSG in order to provide custom BSG kits for its riders and supporters. The BSG kit is constructed from our Velocity collection, our most popular line thanks to its versatile fit. For more information about our Velocity collection or other lines, visit our website or give us a call at (866) 359-4796. For more information about Blood Sweat and Gears, visit the website by clicking here.