The 17 Best Gifts for Cyclists (2023 Guide)

Hincapie 20th Anniversary Gift Box

If you're searching for the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life, you've come to the right place. Whether the cyclist in your life is a weekend warrior, a commuter, or a competitive racer, we've curated a list of thoughtful and practical gifts, from performance-boosting equipment and accessories to sleek and comfortable apparel, to elevate their performance and cycling experience. We'll reveal the top gifts that will leave cyclists eagerly anticipating their next ride.

Top 17 gifts for cyclists no matter the occasion

Whether you need gift ideas for holiday, birthday, or anniversary gifts, this list of ideas spans a wide variety of price points so you’re sure to find something that fits the occasion. 

1. Hincapie ProPack ($90)

Hincapie Pro backpack in black

The Hincapie Pro Pack is the ultimate cycling companion. This lightweight backpack ensures ease of movement without compromising durability. Multiple zippered pockets keep your belongings safe, while the dedicated helmet sac and rain cover are versatile enough to tackle rides in any weather. This backpack isn't just great for hauling gear; it's practical to have while you commute and helps keep you hydrated on long rides. Plus, with the added assurance of a one-year warranty, you can trust in both its longevity and the commitment of those who crafted it. 

2. Roka CP-1X Sunglasses ($250)

George Hincapie wearing Roka sunglasses

The Roka CP-1X Sunglasses redefine performance eyewear for cyclists with their cutting-edge features. The full-frame shield design provides maximum coverage, not simply for a sleek look but also for optimal protection against wind, debris, and intense sunlight. 

What sets the Roka CP-1X apart is its personalized touch — each pair is built to order, allowing cyclists to tailor the sunglasses to their specific preferences. With 12% to 26% light transmission options, you can choose the ideal lens tint for their riding conditions. Additionally, the choice between a mirror lens or a dark carbon lens adds a stylish flair to this sleek, functional design. 

3. Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 GPS Bike Computer ($279.99)

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 GPS Bike Computer

The ELEMNT BOLT V2 GPS Bike Computer is a game-changer for any cycling enthusiast.  It’s an ideal gift for those who seek precision and efficiency on their rides. This bike computer’s aerodynamic design ensures  minimal resistance for maximum speed. The vibrant screen adapts to ambient light conditions, providing a clear display at all times. The Full-On Focus feature allows for personalized customization of data fields and pages, so riders stay focused on the metrics that matter most to them. The Smart Navigation capabilities, including turn-by-turn directions and on-the-fly routing, make exploring new terrain a breeze. 

4. Hincapie Piano Jersey ($150)

Men's blue Piano Jersey with dots and florals

Boasting an updated ultra-sleek design with a race-ready fit, this jersey is engineered for performance and style on the road. The lightweight technical fabrics provide a streamlined appearance and wick moisture away from the skin for comfort during intense rides. Its UPF 30+ rating provides sun protection on sunny summer rides

The absence of a collar adds to this jersey’s aerodynamic profile, while the auto-lock zipper and zipper garage enhance the overall functionality. The gripper on the arms and hem ensures a secure fit, and the 4-way stretch fabric allows for freedom of movement. The fun floral design adds a touch of whimsy and personality, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

The Hincapie Piano Jersey is also available in women’s sizes! 

5. Speed Hound ProPerformance Recovery System ($799.00)

Woman using the SpeedHound Properformance Recovery System

Need a gift for a high-intensity athlete? Look no further than the ProPerformance Recovery System from Speed Hound. This cutting-edge system offers on-demand, dynamic air pressure that provides a targeted and soothing leg massage after long cycling sessions, ensuring they wake up refreshed and ready for the next challenge. 

The system's benefits extend beyond mere relaxation, as it actively reduces pain and soreness, decreases muscle fatigue, and minimizes swelling. By incorporating this recovery system into their routine, athletes experience an increased range of motion, which promotes flexibility and better performance. 

6. Road iD Elite ID (starts at $44.99)

Road ID wristband in red

The Elite ID Silicone ID bracelet is a thoughtful and practical gift for cyclists that combines style and safety in one customizable accessory. his bracelet is crafted from waterproof, soft silicone and can be customized to individual wrist sizes for a perfect fit.  The option to change out hardware allows for a personalized and unique look that suits any cyclist's style. 

Engraving is guaranteed for life, so critical information is readily available during emergencies on the road. The faceplate compatibility with other 13mm and 19mm styles adds versatility, allowing users to switch up their look effortlessly. 

7. Hincapie Power Beanie ($30)

Cyclist wearing Power beaning in black

If as cyclist stays active in the winter, the Hincapie Power Beanie is the perfect gift. Designed to fit comfortably under a cycling helmet, this thin beanie provides essential coverage for the ears, shielding them from the cool weather. It’s crafted with thermal insulated fabrics for effective temperature regulation to cyclists warm without compromising breathability. The unisex fit caters to a broad range of users, making it a versatile accessory for any cyclist–and a great stocking stuffer at Christmas!

8. Ventum GS1 Gravel Bike (starting at $2599)

"Minted" green Venyum GS1 gravel bike

Need a gift that absolutely wows the cyclist in your life? Then the Ventum GS1 Gravel Bike is what they need. This is the perfect gift for a cyclist looking to venture off the beaten path. 

Engineered with the all-new Ventum Pop Geometry and a 10mm longer wheelbase compared to its predecessor, this bike ensures progressive off-road handling that instills confidence at high speeds. The clearance for up to 700c x 48 tires and the dual offset flip-chip fork highlight its commitment to providing a smooth and controlled ride on diverse terrain. Additionally, the recessed headtube and internal cable routing contribute to the bike's sleek aesthetics and functionality. Gift the Ventum GS1 Gravel Bike to the adventurous cyclist, and watch them conquer gravel trails with a perfect fusion of stability, tire clearance, and responsive acceleration.

Ventum’s NS1 Road Bike also makes a great gift for the roadies you know seeking an upgrade.

If a brand-new bike exceeds your budget, check out Ventum’s clearance demo bikes.

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9. F2C Nutrition Glyco-Durance Hydration Drink ($59.99)

F2C Nutrition Glyco-Durance hydration drink

Give the gift of enhanced endurance with Glyco-Durance™, a remarkable and effective approach for carb supplementation. This advanced formula, featuring Karbolyn Endurance™ derived from non-GMO potato and rice, ensures rapid absorption and sustained energy without the drawbacks of digestive upset like bloating or cramping. 

The scientifically-developed electrolyte blend supports real-time absorption, enhancing endurance. The inclusion of Sustalyn® further boosts glycogen production and improves electrolyte and water absorption by up to 27%, making Glyco-Durance™ a game-changer for increased physical performance and stamina. 

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10. Hincapie Performance Trucker Hat - Vamos! ($25.00)

guy wearing black trucker hat that says Vamos!

Elevate their cycling wardrobe with the Hincapie Vamos Hat, a chic and practical choice for staying cool and looking great on every ride and everything else in between. This hat adds a touch of flair to pre- and post-ride moments and offers excellent sun protection for cool comfort. The stylish design and unisex fit make it a versatile accessory for any cyclist. 

11. Wahoo Kickr Core Bike Trainer with a 1-Year Zwift Membership ($699.99)

Wahoo bike trainer with Zwift logo

Getting outdoors to cycle can be challenging for various reasons, like inclement weather or a busy schedule. Help your loved one stay active with the Wahoo Kickr Bike Trainer. They can experience realistic, accurate cycling from the comfort of their own home with this bike training system. 

The Wahoo Kickr helps your cyclist stay on track with their training goals by providing speed, cadence, and distance metrics. Best of all? With this purchase, you get a 1-year Zwift membership, a robust virtual training app for dedicated cyclists. This makes an excellent Christmas gift as outdoor temperatures make indoor cycling the way to go!

12. Hincapie Arenburg Bib Tight ($160)

cyclist wearing black Arenburg bib tight

The Men's Arenberg Bib Tight is a winter cycling essential that combines performance and comfort, making it an ideal Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life. With a slim athletic fit, these bib tights provide a sleek and tailored feel for optimum mobility. The thermal insulated fabrics ensure exceptional warmth, while the moisture-wicking feature keeps the skin dry, even in colder conditions. Safety is prioritized with reflectivity, enhancing visibility in low-light situations. 

The Arenburg Bib Tight is also available in women’s sizes!

13. Hincapie Alsace Jacket ($200)

cyclist wearing black Alsace jacket

Gift the Men's Alsace Jacket for the ultimate defense against bitter cold rides, ensuring warmth and moisture management. Designed for cold weather, this jacket excels in blocking wind and is water-repellent, providing a reliable shield against the elements. The thermal insulated fabrics guarantee optimal insulation without compromising breathability, and its vent zippers allow cyclists to regulate temperature during intense rides. 

The addition of reflectivity enhances visibility in low-light conditions, promoting safety. With a traditional collar and a focus on breathability, the Men's Alsace Jacket is a versatile layering option, making it the perfect Christmas or Father’s Day gift for those who brave the cold on two wheels.

14. Hincapie 20th Anniversary Gift Box ($360)

gift box with Hincapie anniversary jersey, bib, and cap

Join us in celebrating Hincapie Sportswear's 20th anniversary with a gift box signed by George. Cyclists will enjoy unboxing this prewrapped gift stashed with our 20th Anniversary short sleeve gersey, bib, and cycling cap. 

Shop the women’s Anniversary gift box in pink!

15. Hincapie 20th Anniversary T-Shirt ($25.00)

George wearing a white 20th anniversary t-shirt

This comfortable, relaxed-fit t-shirt is perfect for any cycling enthusiast. Whether they wear it as a spectator at home or out on the town, the cyclist in your life can represent their favorite sportswear brand in style. This gift is perfect for holidays or birthdays.

16. Podium® Chill™ 24oz Bike Bottle ($17.00)

Camelback Podium Chill water bottle in sage green

The Podium Chill water bottle from CamelBak makes the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for any occasion. Featuring double-walled construction that keeps water cold twice as long as other brands, the cyclist in your life will stay hydrated and refreshed throughout their ride.

17. Gran Fondo Hincapie (starting at $225)

Hincapie Fondo ride with confetti

If you know a cyclist who’s up for a challenge, gift them the experience of a Gran Fondo Hincapie. The ride will surely be a memorable experience they’ll appreciate for years to come. This gift also comes with fun for the whole family, with live music, good food, bouncy houses for the kids, and new friendships with other cycling enthusiasts. 

Gran Fondo Hincapie 2024 rides:

With this gift guide, you’re sure to bring joy to your favorite cyclist and improve their experience on the roads and trails. If you are a cyclist, send this list to your friends and family to give them ideas for the next holiday or event in your life!

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